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7 Years English Easy

de Lukas Graham

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I was years old, my momma told me,
Go make some friends or you'll be lonely.
Once I was years old.

It was a big big world, but we thought we were bigger.
Pushing each other to the limits, we won't them quicker.
By eleven smoking and burning liquor
so we were out to make steady figure

Once I was eleven years old, my told me,
Go get yourself a wife or you'll be lonely.
Once I was years old.

I always had that dream like my daddy me
So I started songs, I started writing stories
Something about glory, just always seemed to bore me,
Cause only those I really love will ever really me

I was twenty years old, my story got told,
Before the sun, when life was lonely.
I was twenty years old.

I only see my goals, I don't believe in failure.
I the smallest voices, they can make it major.
I got my boys with me at least in favour,
And if we don't see before I leave, I to see you later.

Once I was 20 years old, my story got told
I was writing about everything, I saw before me
I was 20 years old.

Soon we'll be 30 years old, our songs have sold,
We've traveled around the world and we're rolling.
Soon we'll be 30 years old.

I'm still learning about life
My woman children for me
So I can sing them all my songs
And I can tell them stories
of my boys are with me
Some are still out seeking glory
And I had to leave behind
My brother I'm still sorry

life and then your life becomes a better one
I made a man so happy when I wrote a once
I hope my children come and visit, once or a month

I'll be 60 years old, will I think the world is cold?
Or will I have a lot of who can bore me
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